A foundation of many great things to come (Creswick Market)

On Saturday was my forth market stall for the year, third in the space of two months. I’m not going to write a lot in this post (I’ll let the photos do the talking) 🙂 as I’m going to make a post collaborating what I’ve learned/my experience in the past 6 months months from my first stall to this one.

In summary, I did very much enjoy selling at this market; a good amount of people going through, nice space and fellow store holders, fantastic weather and just an all out vibe. After the market a couple of weeks ago, it was nice that this one continued the trend of selling a constant stream of goods, and if not, people complimenting/taking interest in my work. I still get that giddy feeling when people say me that I’m so clever. I met a few people who I knew – or who knew me but I didn’t know them (ahh, so embarrassing), a couple who came to the last market, and a lady who was starting up a new market soon and was asking if I was interested in attending.
The organisers were lovely too – met the new market manager, and the existing one gave me a badge and lolly bag (savior! I was rather hungry as the stall across from me was selling cakes and goodies to eat.)

Overall, financially, this has been the best I’ve done – just before Christmas has helped it along. After my first market, I wasn’t sure if I could keep going as I’d only made money back for the stall and the table I bought. Second, made less than $10 for two weeks work, so I was feeling a bit stressed, but now that I’m starting to pay off the supplies I’ve purchased, I feel like the cash flow is moving. But it’s not so much the finance, but more importantly the confidence that people have in what I make, and the love of talking about it.

It’s amazing who you meet and talk to, but I’ll talk about that in another post, for now, let the photos do a bit of talking…


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