Paper Ball Ornament tutorial

I am aiming to making more tutorials and posting them on my blog (and website when I eventually get around to setting it up) to share with everyone my creations and so that you can make your own. I’ve made many instructions for my origami DIY packs/kits that I sell at my market stall, but last I checked I wasn’t able to upload a pdf, thus they’re not up.

Anyhow, I produced a full image tutorial on how to make a Paper Ball Ornament which I only learned how to make myself last night. What I like about this one is that you can make many variations in size and it’s quite quick to put together (given you have a circle cutter 😛 ) I’m going to make these as a DIY kit to sell eventually. The one I made for the tutorial I’m keeping and hanging above my bed as an inspiration to travel to Japan as the paper is a travel theme.

Link to tutorial I learned this from.
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Paper Ball Ornament_blog instructions


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